It sounds like a paradise:

A piece of earth that’s rich in resources, with a pleasant climate and inhabited by people who make use of these gifts to their best advantage. The conviction that such conditions inevitably give rise to a superior culture has inspired its residents for some time, and it remains strong in the present. Life in this part of the world does in fact seem enviable. 
The people here enjoy safety and prosperity, they have good medical care, and a comprehensive social safety net is in place, should it be needed. No one starves here, or dies prematurely at the age of 40, and at present there’s no fear of either war or political persecution.


What enables this privileged life is exclusivity, restricting enjoyment of the benefits, and limiting participation, for the simple reason that the available resources wouldn’t be sufficient otherwise. That’s why this paradise is sealed off by an insurmountable electrified fence.


Whoever lives in paradise must be prepared to protect it. A film about Europe in the early 21st century.

Nikolaus Geyrhalter