Directed and cinematography by

Nikolaus Geyrhalter


Edited and dramatic structure by

Wolfgang Widerhofer



Wolfgang Widerhofer,

Nikolaus Geyrhalter,

Maria Arlamovsky



Lea Saby,

Hjalti Bager-Jonathansson,

Andreas Hamza,

Lenka Mikulova,

Nicolas Joly,

Ekkehard Baumung


2nd unit cinematography

Oliver Schneider


Assistant cameramen

Oliver Schneider,

Christoph Grasser,

Engelbert Obex,

Christoph Steiner,

Gerald Piesch,

Sebastian Arlamovsky


Additional cinematography

Matthias Halibrand


Project development and research

Maria Arlamovsky


Research and production management

Lucy Ashton,

Patricia Rütten-Fuster 


Location management

Lucy Ashton,

Philipp Mayrhofer,

Palo Pekarcik,

Patricia Rütten-Fuster,

Alessandra Cardone, 

Anja Grüner,

Bryan Carter,

José Martos, 

Wanda Traeger,

Valentina Frigerio, 

Olimpia Pietrangeli,

Nathalie Rendevski Savaricas


 Executive producer

Michael Kitzberger


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Produced by

Produced with the support of

Produced in cooperation with

Commissioning editors

Heinrich Mis,

Franz Grabner,

Inge Classen